The presence of Lercari family (Lercaro in old texts) is rooted in the Italian business since the early years of the XII century, as evidenced by numerous documents of the City of Genoa.

The history of Lercari loss adjusters can be traced back in the mid-nineteenth century. Since then -through processes of transition, in an era of rapid changes, strong discontinuity and expansion of markets – the reality of this family company has been able to redefine its strategic direction for the future, to strengthen its organizational development ensuring the maintenance of its identity and excellence over time, with an attentive and grateful eye to the heritage of tradition.

But the growth, and often the survival of the company, also passes through overcoming the cultural and geographical horizons become increasingly narrower and less harbingers of opportunities.

The history of Lercari is inserted in this context, and this company has always had a special attention to be present in the national territory and an international vocation, searching for a formula to extend the value chain for itself and for its Clients.

Lercari is part of AIdAF (Italian Association of Family Businesses).

Some among these businesses, like Lercari 1879, can boast a history of over one hundred years in their sector, and they have made the continuity and their way to consider the company as an asset to be preserved and to be passed on to their heirs, one of their core values and of success in the Market of reference.

 Our Mission

Our mission is to represent a template for the domestic market and be fully prepared to meet the challenges of the global market through our member companies operating in the international arena.

A rapidly changing world will offer new opportunities only to those who have adequately equipped themselves to meet the increasingly complex demands of the global market.

Large and multinational corporations operating on a global scale need specialist service that only dedicated corporate department can provide and this has become noticeable in the policies adopted by most major insurance groups.

Lercari Group is the answer to the needs of entire risk management ecosystem, both Domestic and Global, through a coordinated structure of highly specialized teams and a targeted and innovative range of top services concerning not only loss adjusting but also the critical risk management processes (TPA / Third Party Administration and BPO / Business Process Outsourcing).

Lercari Group, today

To allow for further growth prospects at the end of 2020, we thought that a solid industrial partnership with an important entity, offering services complementary to ours, could be the best solution to "look beyond" and guarantee a long-term perspective.

Gruppo MutuiOnline S.p.A. is the holding company of a group of firms with an important position in the Italian market for the online comparison, promotion and intermediation of products provided by financial institutions and e-commerce operators and for the provision of complex business process outsourcing services for the financial sector.