Third Party Administration

Lercari, with a view to diversification, has always paid special attention to developing processes that affect the reference market, both domestically and internationally, in the field of insurance after-sales services, in addition to  loss adjusting services.

Among these, the contracted outsourcing of certain operations comes with the guarantee of complete impartiality and independence, as well as total absence of conflicts of interests and takes care of the accounting, reporting  and consultancy aspects required, by virtue of a formal Outsourcing mandate, which is agreed upon  down to the smallest detail (in operating manuals, service level descriptions, service level agreements) which are designed to govern the areas of intervention, execution times and respective areas of responsibility.

This service has evolved in more recent times, and for certain business areas, in the Anglo-Saxon matrix - like TPA service provision (Third Party Administrator = outsourced management of insurance claims above and below deductibles) this has been on a global scale, and has now become a valid alternative to the traditional Claims Management & Outsourcing business for several customer segments.

TPA: domestic and worldwide

In order to  respond, in an autonomous and qualified way, to the market's diversified demands for Claims Management services, Lercari  gave rise, in 1998 ,  to SIRCUS which has since become a reference point domestically for Claims Management in Outsourcing, in all its forms .  Close cooperation with  many insurance companies  which have operated in the market for years has been established  either when they  have faced  the challenges of starting up or when  undergoing restructuring  concentrating and globalising processes that have all had an impact on the domestic insurance market.

The multinational and multidisciplinary approach that distinguishes Lercari, has also led to the development of advanced management models, even for claims affecting risks taken on at an international level (so-called binders) which require a TPA (Third Party Administration) service typical of the Anglo-Saxon market.