Central Hub


Via  Montello 3, 20900 Monza
(Operation Dept.)
Ph: +39 039 2848325
E-mail infogen@lercarimotor.com

Head Offices


Via XII Ottobre 3, 16121 Genoa
(Operation Dept.)
Ph: +39 010 5446414
Fax +39 010 587898
E-mail incarichi@lercarimotor.it


Piazza della Repubblica 7-9, 20121 Milan
(Registered office, non operation Dept.)

Lercari Motor

Lercari Motor arise from the decision of Lercari Group to reengineer old and obsolete processes, to implement a new disruptive offer of modular and/or outsourcing services to the Motor insurance market and all other subjects of the Automotive risk management ecosystem.

Thanks to an innovative and efficient approach, borrowed from the ultra-secular experience of the Group, Lercari Motor intends to propose itself, in terms of excellence, as a reliable partner of the automotive risk management ecosystem, with targeted and modular solutions to overcome the most critical step of the value creation chain.

Mission & vision

Lercari Motor, through an innovative platform on the market, designed to optimize the operations of critical risk management processes, guarantees the highest service level for both traditional and direct or multichannel insurance Companies, Start-ups, fleet managers, car rental and car sharing.

Lercari Motor range of services

Lercari Motor applies operational best practices in the field of:

  • Vehicle damage expert services in Italy and overworld;
  • Kinematic reconstructions;
  • TPA, Third Party Administration & Motor Claims Handling;
  • Operational and strategic support to the MTPL & Motor Hull Insurance Business Line;
  • BPO, Business Process Outsourcing (Fleets, Car Parks, End of rental etc.);
  • Outsourcing and/or full outsourcing services concerning critical step of non-insurance companies in the sector.


The strong territorial presence and the high skills of dedicated resources, constantly trained and updated, allow Lercari Motor to provide "tailor-made" solutions both on local and international insurance programs in the Automotive sector, to implement technological added value in the process.