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Lercari & Carglass

Lercari and Carglass - world leader in the repair and replacement of automotive glass - have joined forces to offer a completely innovative and high quality service to manage appraisals and settlements of claims in the automobile sector.
This partnership allows for an innovative and unparalleled service to the market to make much easier for the insured the claim management procedure since it is invited to bring the damaged car to the network of 179 CARGLASS service centres, open 6 days out of 7 (including Saturday) as well as to streamline the procedures for the Principal in terms of acquiring documentary and photographic evidence and assessing the damage, by bringing them together into one single contact point for the Insurance Company.

Our Contact Center

The Contact Center guarantees excellent levels of service which are unrivalled  in  the market:

  • Over 330,000 calls per year
  • % level of total service: 98%
  • of which % level of service within 30 seconds: >90%
  • Live chat available during the Contact Centre’s opening hours
  • Highly qualified and trained employees
  • Multilingual operations management

Our activities steps

The activity plans for punctual steps to optimize the process:

  • Receipt of the task from the Principals, electronically or by other means to be agreed with them;
  • The option for the Contact Centre to open the claim directly on the Insurance Company Website, whilst at the same time to assign the file to the Loss Adjuster;
  • Opening the position on the dedicated DB (and/or Insurance Company website) with preliminary investigative context for the initial verification of the documentary and photographic evidence submitted;
  • Electronic transmission of the case file and simultaneous notice (sms/email) to the damaged party with the address of the nearest service centre;
  • Registration of the appointment (numerous and subsequent attempts at contact are scheduled by the Contact Centre to confirm the date of access, in cases where the persons do not make contact themselves), sending a reminder (email/sms) to the customer concerning  the appointment;
  • At the Centre, the necessary documentation will be retrieved and pictures of the damage and any video of the vehicle will be gathered together; the client will sign to confirm the activities completed, which will remain available to the Principal;
  • All the documentation will be uploaded (including photographs and videos) to a dedicated cloud with restricted access;
  • The damage will be verified and assessed by dedicated loss adjusters and the documents and surveys will be sent through agreed electronic channels to the Principal;
  • Alternatively, when, for whatever reason, such a smart procedure should not be applicable, it would nonetheless be planned  that the surveyor will intervene through the standard operational channels, consequently examining the vehicle at the premises of the Insured party or at the car repair facility indicated to him;

with the opportunity for further customization and/or integration based on the needs of the Principal, in accordance with a specific, punctual and transparent operational protocol, which is able to guarantee compliance with the expected levels of service and the terms required by RCA norms.

Our Service

The activities described presuppose either the existence of a specific timetable to be agreed according to the needs of the Principal, or the possibility to verify the activity underway through a shared web service and, when permitted by the Principal, to also monitor the client through a dedicated client portal.
In fact, at the time of scheduling the appointment for the site visit, the client can be given a link to the dedicated client portal where the damaged party can see the progress of the case from the scheduled appointment to the issued depot, in the manner and within the limits indicated, where appropriate, by the Principals.
This service not only allows clients to be kept up to date on-line about their situation, thereby limiting doubts and subsequent disputes and/or requests for updates, but at the same time it allows operators to monitor the progress of the case, in order to manage the activity in a more streamlined and punctual manner.

Added value

Underpinning this collaboration is the shared desire to organize a centralized process which is as smooth and standardized as possible, developing a specific, punctual and transparent operational protocol, which is able to guarantee compliance with the level of service required for Principals, particularly with regards to the terms - even the most stringent - that regulatory requirements demand.

The partnership between Lercari and Carglass, as studied and shared based on the experience of existing collaboration, is clearly structured to ensure that the widest range of needs that may arise will  be met.  This partnership concentrates into a single entity all the activities that are normally performed by a more or less extensive number of different operators, with all the possible consequences in terms of fragmentation and delays in performing the activity which, thanks to the aforementioned operating system, can be easily prevented, addressed and overcome.

However, the operating system is sufficiently flexible to allow any specific requirements from individual Principals to be introduced into each step; this should be able to satisfy all the specific requirements that might manifest themselves in terms of schedules, activity control, operational procedures, verification of the progress, updates, etc...

This new structure is available and suitable not only to carry out damage assessments but also, on request, to process eventual settlements and payments through a global claim management upon specific request by the Principals on the basis of specifically studied and agreed operational procedures for the supply of said innovative service.