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Forensic Experts

Forensic Experts was created to address an urgent and growing demand from the insurance world for forensic engineering services, to combine a rigorously scientific and technical approach with a careful analysis of the needs of Insurers, in terms of timely scientific investigations to define and reconstruct dynamic triggers (Root Cause Analysis) of various types of “accident” in the public and private sectors.

A multidisciplinary approach

Analysing loss events cannot provide the specialised and multidisciplinary approach that Forensic Experts is able to offer in the field of legal accident analysis, thanks to the consolidated and diversified
experience of its professionals in the fields of forensic engineering, fire engineering, chemical, physical and applied sciences.

Tailor-made offer

Given the considerable diversification of risks and, for each risk, the heterogeneity of events that can be generated, Forensic Experts can offer a response that is not only specialised and multidisciplinary, but flexible too, because Principals needs, in terms of strict adherence to the principles of professional ethics for activities, means its experts are acknowledged to be reliable partners, even by the public bodies involved in this type of investigation.

Kinematic reconstructions

Forensic Experts provides its forensic engineering experience also for the cinematic reconstruction of road accidents, with particular technical-legal competence on the sides concerning the road safety of various infrastructures (bridges, safety barriers etc.)

Our certifications

The Forensic Experts team is led by qualified experts from leading international professional bodies, as attested by the IAAI-Fire Investigation Technician’s professional qualifications, the Fire Investigation Postgraduate Diploma issued by the Chartered Society of Forensic Science, by the enrolment in the Italian section of the Combustion Institute and IASIU.

A large scientific literature

Forensic Experts has an extensive and up-to-date bibliographic collection on safety, fire, explosions, materials science and forensic engineering. Team experts actively engage in scientific research with frequent attendances at conferences and publications in national and international magazines.

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