Flexible and concrete solutions for loss management

Lercari Group is operative in order to give a loss adjusting service with a leadership level in the global market, using the most innovative resource from Information Technology that support professionals skills of our collaborators.

STEP – Software application for Claims Management (Loss Adjusting)

Our Company resource (CSI) , in order to keep up with this mission, after a carefully analysis of the typical problem in a loss adjusting activity, has created STEP, a technological solutions that make easier the complicate evaluation process of a loss which reduced errors drastically, basic by:

  • Major automation and standardization of roles and evaluation process;
  • A system that manage the user profile and companies management through an authentication access;
  • The improvement of information exchange between operators, loss adjusters and insurance company and also between loss adjusters and insured;
  • Archiving of documents and the use of relational database for tracking transactions with evidence of relevant information.

Our system is proposed as sole tool

  • Management of georeferenced surveys on site
  • Unique model of unified report of survey
  • On-line sharing of information among the Insurance Company’s Management/ the Agencies / the Insured-Damaged Parties
  • Management of the Survey Report editing
  • Sharing of information also with agencies and Insured/Damaged parties

“Portal of the Insured” key factor

  • This portal has been developed specifically to facilitate the integration among the players of claims management.
  • This Portal allows a better communication between the Loss Adjuster –Insurer – Insured.
  • The system allows an exchange of data and documents regarding the loss in a real time, it decreases the time required to manage information.
  • A system of alerting allows to be constantly updated in the progress of the single claims management.

LOTUS – Claims handling in Outsourcing

The management of claims, for each policy acquired, and/or for each Client, is made using an ad hoc database (proprietary technology), tailored on the specific needs of each Client. The customer can access this database, according to levels of access, through the web and with a confidential password. The Web access allows you to constantly monitor the progress of the file, and to examine the documents received and enclosed to the case file.

Each application for the management of claims is tailored to the Client’s needs:

  • Lotus Domino IBM technology;
  • Access to the system via the web with a secure SSL connection through the portal;
  • Interconnection (inbound-outbound) to the application systems of the Clients via flat files (ftp, mail servers) or via web service;
  • Electronic storage of documents (also accessible via the web);
  • Optical filing of hard copy data;
  • Realization of Web portals on php – SqlServer technology.

Lercari Group has also a server farm equipped with the latest, cutting edge technologies:

  • The headquarters and the branch offices are equipped with fibre broadband connection;
  • Mpls infrastructure for the remote-accessible connection of the offices;
  • Vpn server to access the intranet area out of the office;
  • Daily data back up;
  • Hp server of last generation.

Every month Sircus sends a report containing, as a “basic model”, the following data which can be expanded and modified according to the Client’s requirements:

  • Reporting Date
  • Date Received
  • Master Policy Number
  • Claim Number
  • Insured Name
  • Date of Occurrence
  • Claimant Name
  • Claim Description
  • Date of Notification
  • Loss Location
  • Cause of Loss
  • Claim Status
  • Loss Location Address
  • Paid Fees Month
  • Previous Paid Fees
  • Outstanding Fees
  • Paid Indemnity Month
  • Previous Paid Indemnity
  • Outstanding Indemnity
  • Date Closed
  • Incurred Claims
  • Initial Reserve
  • Above Authority Loss
  • Excess
  • Reserve Net of Excess
  • Reserve Gross of Excess
  • Recovery Potential
  • Amount of Recovery