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San Filippo

San Filippo is a technical assessments services company that, with a revolutionary approach, identifies the causes and assesses electrical and electronic damage on behalf of insurance companies using unique and innovative methods.

Experts in electrical phenomenon

San Filippo Srl specializes in managing and settling claims arising from electrical phenomena, and provides the Client a Service that ranges from assessing the causes of the loss to the calculation of the cost of damage attributable to the electrical phenomena warranty, caused by lightning, power variations, over-voltage and/or electrical discharge. The assessment of the damage is carried out on site through a network of technicians located throughout Italy who have been carefully selected by San Filippo to be part of this network. The Company is a subscriber to the Italian lightning detection system (METEO EXPERT) which has legal value, and which is able to provide evidence for each claim whose cause has been declared as an electrical phenomena of atmospheric origin. Our clients can also access our “in-house” legal department to interpret and apply policies, and for possible disputes - both judicial and extrajudicial.

Our operational structure

Given the extensive range of the types of property that could be affected by electrical phenomena and the requirement for each property to be visited by industry competent professionals, San Filippo’s staff are sub-divided into four main areas:


Claims are settled by competent professionals in the offices in Genoa, different from those who intervene on site, in order to assure and guarantee impartiality and fair judgment. All those who work for San Filippo have extensive knowledge about the area and its geographical features, as well as about “electrical conductivity”. San Filippo Srl has created a management platform specifically built for the business that  communicates with the portals and databases of insurance companies. This allows the insurance companies to relieve themselves of the practical management of claims in the electrical phenomena sector, whilst still maintaining control through access to the database used by San Filippo. The management platform can produce a number of associated products: reports, statistical studies, invoices, and a historical and photographic archive.

San Filippo Service

The company was started up in response to the growing changing needs in the handling and settlement of the so-called “small” claims, notably:

The company offers repair and replacement services of damaged goods in domestic and commercial environments, aimed at supporting or replacing the traditional monetary compensation.

Whenever it is needed, a damaged good is repaired on site by a skilled technician who, in the absence of spare parts, sets a second date to complete the work.

If the good cannot be repaired, it will be replaced with one having the same technical features.

This innovative service does not expose the insured economically thanks to the assignment of credit, it decreases the average number of days of claims handling, and through buying groups it allows the average cost monitoring, as well as to calculate the actual hours of labour required for interventions.