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About Lercari Group

Lercari Group is one of the world’s oldest loss adjusting businesses. Founded in 1879 in Italy, the company optimizes and delivers after-sales insurance services that lengthen the value chain while providing a personalized, multinational approach to claim management.
With over a century of experience, Lercari Group has grown to over 300 employees in 18 offices throughout the country.
Lercari Group has always been a frontrunner in applying insurtech to its operations and investing heavily in new technologies. Motivated by the evolution of the insurance sector, the company sought a new way to support customers both in terms of under writing and/ or risk transfer, and in the management of after-sales service, possible crisis situations and  merging risks.


Before using SightCall to digitally transform the claims process, Lercari Group loss adjusters had to travel to visit customers in person in order to file claims.
This process extended the claims life cycle and could take days to weeks. As industry preferences for quick and easy digital interactions became clear, the Lecari Group realized that staying competitive meant making loss  djusting a fast and easy process. They needed a solution that would reduce travel, improve the efficiency of the adjuster, make the customer experience simple and frictionless, and pave the way for future innovation.

“The insurance industry is constantly evolving its digital landscape, even more so now.
The adoption of video expertise since its inception and the adoption of SightCall since its inception, has allowed us to have total mastery and knowledge, generating a series of benefits for the supply chain and for our Group, even in a time of global emergency, including: the ability to operate without geographical limits and in total safety in every area of the entire national and international territory, as well as the containment of intervention time, settlement and the average cost of the claim”.
Giovanni Lercari, Managing Director


After rolling out SightCall’s visual claims solution, Lercari Group experts were able to carry out remote investigations with the insured. With SightCall it was also possible, even in an emergency or unpredictable period, to give continuity to the loss adjusters and allow them to continue to serve their customers.
The video calls carried out by Lercari Group experts allow adjusters to collect clear images, useful for detailed assessments. The stability of the connection allows experts to communicate with the insured/damaged in a
clear and continuous way, providing documentation that are useful for the contextual definition of a claim.
Lercari Group is also able to collect all relevant data pertaining to a claim back to a central location making it easy to share data between all involved.


For several years, Lercari Group has been using Sight-Call to deliver its “Videoperizia” service to most national and international clients garnering extraordinary results. The company’s highly trained video experts
receive at least three years of traditional field experience before accessing the platform on a specific training path. These highly skilled experts respond to a video request within 12 hours from the reception of the
claim, delivering service to customers faster than ever before. The company pays close attention to customer satisfaction and net promoter score (NPS), using the platform as a tool to gauge the level of service provided
by the agent.
Lercari Group has also developed an exclusive collaboration based on laser scanners, in particular the Vz400i, which is a unique terrestrial instrument for carring oout virtual inspections. This allows the acquisition of very significant quantities of data, even when aerial detection is not allowed or feasible.


In February 2019, Italy quickly became Europe’s hardest hit country by COVID-19. Unable to visit customers onsite, Lercari Group quickly scaled their use of the platform and made SightCall available to all customers
and agents for all claims. Through a mix of SightCall, IT tools and skilled employees, Lercari Group was able to mange claims without risking exposure to COVID-19 for the expert and the insured/damaged in full compliance with the law. The emergency situation widened their use of SightCall and increased usage exponentially.
To date, SightCall is the platform mainly used by Lercari Group to verify in total safety the damage found by the insured party.

“In the context of COVID-19, SightCall kept our supply chain from being
interrupted. The most important benefit for us is related to insurance
companies, who are our first client.
In fact, without SightCall it couldn’t be possile to provide services to our
clients/insurers and then insurers wouldn’t be able to provide services
to their claimants/clients in order to finalize claim proceedings. Without
SightCall, this would not have been possible.”
Magdalena Szwalbe, TPA Project Manager – International

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