Sedgwick: “Lercari Group celebrates 140th anniversary”

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GENOA, 10 June 2019 – Sedgwick, a leading global provider of technology-enabled risk, benefits and integrated business solutions, celebrates the 140th anniversary of Sedgwick Lercari. Having presence in the Italian market since 1879, the joint venture between Sedgwick and Gruppo Lercari has reached an exciting milestone in delivering claims management and technical consultancy for the insurance sector.

Sedgwick Lercari provides loss adjusting and TPA services which are focused on property, liability, marine, construction, mining, business interruption and fine arts and security investigations. As part of the global network, Gruppo Lercari has expanded its already vast territorial presence at a national and international level into a powerhouse synonymous with excellence, expertise and specialisation.

Founded by Luigi Lercari, the Gruppo Lercari business was established in a small office in the heart of the Port of Genoa which became the foundation of a legacy that has stood the test of time. With a focus on the minutiae, continuous evolution and the diversification of its products to stay ahead of the competition, Gruppo Lercari has turned 140 years of passion and innovation into a leading player in the field of after-sales insurance services globally.

Despite its long history full of significant milestones, and the development of a unique business culture which inextricably connects work with creativity and responsibility to oneself, Gruppo Lercari has never forgotten its roots and has kept that magical “family” flavour.

Led by Rodolfo Jr. Lercari and his sons Gian Luigi, Giovanni and Alessandro, and under the partnership between Sedgwick and Gruppo Lercari, Sedgwick Lercari has expanded and established itself as the trusted provider of claims management for Italian-based corporations by focusing on innovation, technical specialisation and multidisciplinary approach, and advancement of technology.

Alessandro Lercari of Sedgwick Lercari said: “We are grateful to our clients for the opportunities to provide them with the solutions they need. Our company’s reputation and track record have been built largely on delivering innovation, passion and achievements to our clients over the last 140 years. Sedgwick Lercari is a brand that today is a leading player in the field of after-sales insurance services.

To celebrate the 140th anniversary, Sedgwick Lercari will launch a completely new logo to further demonstrate its skills, professionalism and research. Furthermore, Sedgwick Lercari will implement a series of initiatives, during which it will bring together all the players of the national and international Insurance Industry and Risk Management to recall the fundamental phases of its history and exchange views about the future of Insurance.

“Gruppo Lercari is more than just an arm of the Sedgwick brand, it’s an institution. We congratulate the Lercari family on this incredible milestone and look forward to celebrating the next 140 years of success,” said Ian V. Muress, Sedgwick CEO of international operations.

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